About Me


I have always loved using hand thrown pottery, but it wasn’t until recently I began to throw my own, learning from Wendy Johnson at the Orchard Studio in Great Missenden.


I grew up using pottery by Dieter Kunzemann from the Evenlode pottery and I love the work of Svend Bayer, Yo Thom, Lisa Hammond and Joss Hibbs. I have been influenced by both British and Japanese traditional pottery. I make a range of functional stoneware, also some lettered pieces just for the fun of it.


I really enjoy a gentle variation in shape, warm forms. Glaze colours that are soft and things that feel good in the hand. It makes for mindful use  - the shape of the bowl that you are using, an awareness of the colour and texture of the glaze. A handle should have spring, a curve should have grace, the weight should be proportionate, balanced.
I hope you will like mine.

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